About Me

`Hello everyone,

I am Niznaz. The chef, author, photographer and editor behind Cuizine de Haza.

I am from Kerala, India settled in UAE . My family is my world – My husband is my backbone, my pillar, my tastetester and strong criticizer without whom my dream of Cuizine de Haza would still have been a dream and my 2 little boys who make a busy mommy 24*7 and i love to do that. My dad who gave me the confidence that u can do it, my mom who first identified the chef in me and my brother who is a great fan cum motivator of my cooking and my sissy lend great support to Cuizine de Haza. Not failing to mention my CdH group who is with me for all the efforts that i take and that is the first step i took towards Cuizine de Haza. Love u all.

Thanks for stopping by.