Beetroot Milk Shake

Milk shake

Beetroot milk shake

(Easy instant milkshake made with beetroot syrup)


A special post on this special month, October – a message to spread the awareness on breast cancer to all the people. So, I decided to post this milkshake which is so healthy, yummy and kids friendly. And the best part of it is , it is instant which can be made with the  beetroot syrup . I have already shared the recipe of beetroot milk.

In the beetroot milk post, I had mentioned that I would post the recipe of 2 other drinks soon , but could not do it due to some reason or other. But now I feel that , this is the right time to  post the recipe of the yummilicious beetroot milk shake.

Off to the recipe,

Serves                               – 2



  1. Milk                                                     – 1 cup
  2. Cold water                                          – 1/2 cup
  3. Ice cubes                                             -10
  4. Beetroot syrup                                   – 1.5 tablespoon
  5. Vanilla ice cream                                 -2+2 scoops


  1. Blend in a mixer- a cup of milk with half a cup of water along with the ice cubes. Add in the beetroot syrup and blend once again well until mixed.
  2. To make the shake more creamier, blend once again adding 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.
  3. Serve cold topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream .

Quench in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy gulping.

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