Beetroot Milk

Beetroot Milk

(Instant drink with beetroot syrup)


This is the most easiest ever 2 ingredient  drink that can be made with beetroot syrup. Try it and let me know how you all like it. My kid’s favorite pink juice that is how they call it. My aunt makes them whenever my kids visit her and demand for their pink juice.

Off to the recipe,


  1. Milk                                                               – 1 cup
  2. Beetroot syrup                                             – 2 tsp


  • Take 1 cup of milk and stir in 2 tsp of beetroot syrup.

Your beetroot milk is ready to be served. 

Sip and slurp!!!


  • You can substitute 1/2 glass of water with 1/2 glass of milk.
  • Beetroot milk tastes best when chilled.

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