Chicken Leg-aan

(Deep fried chicken drumsticks with crispy outer crust and juicy centre)

Chicken Leg-aan(CL) , this is my first post on my blog which has been my long long awaited dream come true and with this post, yess!!!! my blog goes live. ūüôā

I want leg-aan to be my first post for two reasons:

  1. This is my mom’s own developed recipe from whom i got all my culinary skills.
  2. Chicken Leg-aan, the interesting name for this dish has been given by my dad who was inspired by the 2001 hindi release Lagaan.

CL is chicken drumsticks deep fried in garlic and chilly flavored coconut oil with a crispy crust and a succulent centre.The very thought of CL makes me drool here. This is a dish which me, my bro and dad love to dunk into since my childhood and years later after marriage is a favorite of my dear husband and kids. CL is a delicious combo with ghee rice, chapathi, porotta, naan, plain rice and can even be had as an appetizer.

Off to the recipe,


For the marinade-

  1. Chicken drumsticks- 1/2 kg or 6-7 drumsticks.
  2. Salt                             РAs needed
  3. Chilly powder           -1 tbspn
  4. Lemon                        -1+1
  5. Coriander powder   Р1 tbspn
  6. Crushed pepper       Р1/2 tbspn
  7. Gingergarlic paste   Р4 tspn
  8. Cornflour                  Р1 tbspn
  9. Green chilly sauce   Р1/2 tbspn
  10. Turmeric powder     Р1/4 tspn
  11. Garam masala          Р1/4 tspm
  12. Egg                             -1 small beaten

To Fry:

  1.  Coconut oil Р As needed
  2. Garlic           Р2 cloves chopped
  3. Greenchilly – 1 slit


  • Wash and clean thoroughly the chicken drumsticks,drain the excess water in a colander and rub them with juice of one lemon , little salt and set aside.
  • Marinate chicken drumsticks with all the ingredients listed under “To Marinade” and keep in refrigerator for ¬†at least one hour.

  • Heat a wok or kadai , on medium heat pour coconut oil, add the garlic and green chilly. When the delicious aroma of garlic comes, add the drumsticks one by one or ¬†two at a time. When cooked, gently flip the drumsticks and cook the other side for 5-7 minutes.

When done, drain the CL on paper tissues and serve hot .

Niznaz Notes:

  • For best results, ¬†marinate the chicken overnight.
  • Before taking the fried chicken out of the oil, check whether it has been cooked thoroughly by inserting a wooden skewer. If it comes out clean, the chicken has been cooked. Else u will end up eating raw uncooked chicken fry.
  • Serve hot with onion rings ,capsicum slices, lemon wedges and a dash of pepper on the fried drumsticks.

Enjoy dears.

Happy Cooking…


12 thoughts on “CHICKEN LEG-AAN

  1. Shaza says:

    Lovely blog.
    Lovely posts
    Lovely dish
    Lovely recipe
    Lovely efforts
    Lovely layout
    Lovely photographs
    Lovely daughter
    Love you a lot

  2. Muhaimin Monu says:

    Dhedhe… Great… Sooooo Happy for you… All the best.. My support will be there alwaysss… In Sha Allah..

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