Event Post- Breast Cancer Awareness

Event post

Event Post- Breast Cancer Awareness

(A Special Post)

 This is a special post at Cuizine de Haza, which strongly gives the statement , Take care. You are precious.

I  would like to take this opportunity to thank my WhatsApp group Cuizine de Haza which is so special to my heart and to all my friends and other food group members who have greatly supported me in contributing their part for this event. Thanks dears, Thanks a lot.. This started off just as an event announcement in my WhatsApp group. The event of the month . That was when I was thinking, what could be the event for the month? When it suddenly struck to me that this was October and this was the month of Go pink everywhere around the globe. I wanted to do something from Cuizine de Haza, that , I decided to ask all the participants to cook up some dish in pink and send it to me , so that we would have a collection of a variety of pink dishes, which we could use to send a message across. The event was highly appreciated by all my friends and unexpectedly, it turned out to be a step further when my dear friend’s mom Rasheeda dede suggested we would do something extra and with her initiative we could do some social activities too on the special month of October 10. Thank you dear dede for making this event more colorful and more special. Also my dear friend Zeeba Shajir needs a special mention for her efforts to make it possible. Thank you all dear participants too.

Now for the awareness, I would like to spread the following message through Cuizine de Haza. Take care . You are precious.  The awareness message was given to be my dearest friend  Dr. Lini.T.Unnikrishnan and medical student (Dr) Yasmin Jaffer from Dubai Medical College. My heartfelt thanks to both of you for your efforts.

My contribution for the pink event at Cuizine de Haza is, Beetroot Milkshake -An easy, milkshake which can be instantly made with beetroot syrup.

The next entry for this event from me is Beetroot Rose Milk. An easy 3 ingredient drink which can be made with Beetroot Syrup.

The other entries which supported the Breast Cancer Awareness Post at Cuizine de Haza are,

Shaza                           – Strawberry Ice cream

Asiya     – Barbie cake

Asiya – Pink cupcakes

Fayha – Pink cup cake

Fayha   –  Cookies


Beetroot Halwa by Drisya

Beetroot Pachadi by Drisya

Harshi – Cheesecake

Harshi – Cheesecake

Muneera – Strawberry Pudding

Hasna           – Beetroot Chicken

Reefoose      – Beetroot Chicken

Redvelvet Ombre petal cake by Jiya

Cakesicles by Zeeba

Watermelon Mojito By Reefoose

Strawberry popsicles by Rasheedha



Pink Poori by Sherin Nafia

Pink Cake by Fayha

Pink cookies by Fayha

Pink Poori by Nasi

Watermelon Mojito by Suhana

Harshida Shanid                – Strawberry mousse cake



Fasiba        – Beetroot Thoran and Beetroot Pickle

Zeeba Shajir- Pink Velvet Cake

Conchas by Femi


Rasheedha             – Anar overnight oats and Beetroot Pachadi

Lubna                     – Strawberry Crumble























 Salma                – Strawberry Falooda

Shilpa         – Strawberry Cake Shake

Shaza            – Pink Pudding

Fairuaachi                  – Pink Donuts























Asiya                                – Pink Burger

Strawberry Falooda by Rishin Salih

Shaza                         – Strawberry Velvet Cake




























Fasi                       – Beetroot Milk


Asiya                           –  Pink cake

Pink cake by Waheeda

Smina                         – Pink Cake

Rinu                    – Pink cake

 Faseela                 – Kitty cup cake

Shabana – Rosette cake

Faseela                         – Barbie cake

Nishida                           – Strawberry Cake

Honey Rose cake by Safwana Siraj


Pink chocolates by Shaheen Shahnawaz

Pomegranate milk shake by Thasny Shamon


Watermelon ginger juice by  Nazrin


Strawberry pan cake by Farzana Tharish



Faseela                     – Pink Hat cake

Reni Aneesh               – Kuih Sago

Zeeba Shajir            – Pomegranate pudding

Rahiya              –  Pomegranate Milk Pudding

Umm Naila     – Beet and Banana Milkshake

Umm Naila          – Egg stuffed Pathiri

Smina                               – Pink Pooris

Harshida              – Rose cupcakes

Rasheedha –   Beetroot Milk and Beetroot sandwich cake

Love and Regards,


4 thoughts on “Event Post- Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. Zeeba Shajir says:

    Great work Niznaz…thank you for bringing in to light such an event which we women should always be aware off and I am hoping the awareness reaches maximum people.
    I am feeling proud to be a part of it and thank u for the initiative and support..May Almighty bless each of the women and safeguard from dreadful disease..

    • cuizinedehaza says:

      Dear Zeetha,
      Thanks a lot for the lovely and inspiring comment…You all are my strength.. Thank u soo much. Without u all,, this would have been impossible…
      Love and Regards,

  2. Reefath says:

    Great initiative dear.. I should also mention “food and food only” members great participation in this event.. thanks for putting up this idea in the group.. cheers to the hard work you have done behind the scene.. 👍👍

    • cuizinedehaza says:

      Thanks a lot…Reef…feel sooo high… And it would have never been possible without the efforts of all in Food and Food only group..

      Love and Regards,

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