3 ingredient Mango Flavored Lollipops

Lollipops……I guess its the favorite of many many many around here… However grown up, We are never tired of eating these flavored sugar candies stuck to a stick. Lollipop is mine and my kid’s favorite too, and the thing is they always love licking them especially wen we go to the medical centre nearby for kids.These lollipops are given to them complimentary every time they visit a doctor, and for this mere reason my kids are never tired to meet the doctor even if they have to wait for 3-4 hrs and I am not at all exaggerating.

That is when I decided to make them at home so that they could have it with no preservatives and good ones. My search for a recipe in the internet all went vain because, all the recipes had corn syrup as the main ingredient which was something expensive and extra for me to buy coz, I was sure I will not use them again in any of the dishes except this lollipops. So, I decided to try it without that and success, There it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 3 ingredient Lollipop…..

To top it all, you do not need a lollipop mould to make this.

Pick and choose, the color and flavor is yours……Off to the recipe,


  1. Sugar                                                  – 1/2 cup
  2. Mango essence                                 – 3 tsps.
  3. Yellow color                                      – a pinch.

Niznaz Notes :  Play around with flavors and colors…The choice is yours.


  • Add all the 3 ingredients to a nonstick pan. Heat in a low fire until all the ingredients get melted without any lumps to a liquid form. (Do not hurry and burn the sugar, Patience is the key)
  • Now slowly pour these into the moulds and allow it to set.
  • If you do not have a mould, spread a baking paper and pour teaspoon full of the melted sugar mix in any free flowing shape. Allow it to set.
  • Wait for 2 minutes (Start count 1,2,3…..120) before inserting the lollipop sticks to the mix.Else the stick would melt in the heat of the sugar. Insert it well, so that the stick is in the middle of the lollipop.
  • Wait , wait , wait for 5 -10 minutes before your lollipop cools down and demould them….

Lollipops are ready to be licked and enjoyed……

Love and Regards,


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