Pizza Pinwheels

Hawaiian Pizza rolls

Great for parties , as finger food,  and as appetizers

Pizza lover ?


What’s your favorite flavor ?

Chicken Barbeque..

This is a common conversation that I hear . Commonly in my office among my colleagues and among my friends. Once, we were discussing the pizza topic at office, about which we never get tired of when one of my colleague told me I love the Hawaaiin flavor with the pineapples in it. That was when I remembered, oh I have tasted that too. It was yum.

That was a day, when I took home made bbq flavored pizza for my friends. She asked me, If I could make Hawaiian flavor for her. I gladly accepted but then regretted due to the fact that —- Pineapples.. Oh no…I am very lazy to cut fruits and I told,, I cant because pineapples is very difficult to peel and slice. She said I will bring pineapples and gladly agreed.

The next day, she came with a huge tin of canned pineapples and there  I set to make the hawaiian pizza. Now coming to the pinwheels part, Pizza pin wheels is a common at my home. I usually make this for my younger one, who is a die hard pizza fan . Since pizza wheels are bite sized and also because it is easy to make for parties (you get more quantities at one stretch 😉  )I prefer the pizza pinwheels than the normal pizza.

She had seen my pizza pin wheels pic earlier , and loved it for it’s cuteness that I decided to make her hawaiin pizzas in the same form.

Off to the recipe,


  1. All purpose flour               –  2.5 cups+ extra flour to dust
  2. Salt
  3. Sugar                                    – 1 tbspn
  4. Instant yeast                       -2 tsps
  5. Olive oil                              – 3tbspn +3 tbspn
  6. Oregano                               – 2tsp + 1 tsp
  7. Water                                – 1.25 -1.5 cups
  8. Mozarella cheese          – 1/2 – 1 cup
  9. Pineapple                       – 1 cup chopped (For Hawaiian flavor)
  10. Vegetables    *                  – 2 tbspn each
  11. Sauce   **                              – 1 cup
  12. Corn flour                           – 2 tbspn

Want a non veg pizza ?? Don’t worry…..Just add in any left over fried chicken chunks or you can fry small bite size pieces of fried chicken/beef to your pizza.

Niznaz notes:

This dough is sufficient enough to make 24 rolls or you can make 12 rolls plus one large size pizza.

Add all the vegetables of your choice like – Capsicum, corn, mushrooms(sauted), olives, jalapenos, corn, onions, tomatoes. (Adjust the quantity and vegetables as per your choice)

Sauce is your choice of flavor – you can use pizza sauce/ pasta sauce/ sweet thai chilli sauce /barbeque sauce or any sauce you love.


  • In a bowl add the flour, salt, sugar,  instant yeast, oregano and mix.
  • Now add the 3 tbspn olive oil and water little by little and form a smooth dough.
  • Knead well.
  • Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rise for 45 mins – 1 hr.
  • The dough will double in size.
  • Now be ready with your kitchen top. Punch your dough and knead it once again. Your dough is ready.
  • Dust the kitchen top with flour, flatten your pizza either with your hands or with the help of rolling pin.
  • Transfer the dough to an aluminium foil brushed with olive oil.
  • Randomly poke small holes with the help of a fork.  Apply 1 tbsp of olive oil.
  • Spread the sauce all over. Now  add the mozzarella cheese. Add the chopped pineapple. Add in all your favorite veggies. Top it up with more cheese if you please.
  • Now slowly roll the pizza into a thick log.

The most important step : Chill the log in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes before cutting into thick discs.

  • Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
  • Bake the discs in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes in a lined tray dusted with cornflour or you can even bake them in a muffin pan dusted with corn flour. (Corn flour helps to give a crisp bottom to the pizza pinwheels).

Serving Suggestion:

While serving just top the pizza pinwheels with mozzarella cheese and heat in a microwave for 30 seconds. Your cheesy gooey pizza pin wheels is ready to be devoured upon.

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy……Happy Baking and Happy Sharing

Love and Regards,